here are few voices in music today that can truly hold their own against fierce instrumental solos and a nimble rhythm section, but Liz Ivory’s towering talent takes centerstage the second you hear it. Rich, endlessly expressive, and mesmerizingly complex, Liz’s voice is striking in both its complexity and nuance and her new release showcases all those layers beautifully.

Detroit-based Ivory’s debut solo album, Cinnamon Sky, displays her uncommon ability in vivid color, thanks in no small part to a support team that includes noted producer Bryce Harding and the dynamic duo of 5-time GRAMMY winner Chris Lord Alge (Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Rolling Stones) and GRAMMY winner Adam Hawkins (Twenty One Pilots, Walk the Moon) on the mixer.

Cinnamon Sky waxes and wanes, at times practically pulsating with in-your-face lyrics pounded home by Liz’s powerful voice before sinking into tracks like “Love Suicide” that slink their way into the deepest corners of your consciousness. There’s punch in the anthemic guitar licks and soaring vocals that bring forth the fiery heart of “Cinnamon Sky”, counterbalanced by the electronica-laced, emotionally drenched “Fire”. “Memories of a Lifetime” draws us in with a tension-building beat and crunching chords while “Your T-Shirt”, “Battle Flag”, and “Dark Knight” resonate both melodically and lyrically, screaming for the big stage and even bigger audience needed to let Liz’s compelling performance reach its full potential.

Part hard rock, part metal, part stylistic outlier, Cinnamon Sky emits an irresistibly cool vibe that evokes iconic elements of rock while also presenting a new sound that’s undeniably and innately Liz Ivory. The overall effect is just what you’d hope to find but so rarely get from a fresh talent like Liz.